Installing the plugin is super simple:

  • Download the plugin from - take care to choose the correct file for your server platform.
  • Place the downloaded plugin into your server's plugins folder.
  • (Bukkit-based servers only) Optionally install PlaceholderAPI.
  • Restart your server.

You're done! The plugin has a sane default configuration and will work "out of the box", but there are some settings you may want to change. See the next page for more info.

ProNouns Cloud

ProNouns Cloud is a service that defines commonly used neopronouns so people don't need to type out the entire thing every time. By default, recent versions of ProNouns (2.0.0+) will automatically and anonymously send pronoun sets that aren't in the list back to the server, subject to manual moderation on my end. If you don't wish to participate in this, you can opt out from the config:

# ProNouns Cloud-related settings
  # Should the plugin regularly download the list of pronouns from the server and make them available to players?
  sync: true
  # Should the plugin anonymously submit unrecognised sets back to the server?
  upload: true

When sync: true, the list will be regularly downloaded from the server, and placed into a file called pronouns.json at the root of the plugin's config directory. It can also be manually updated by using the command /pn cloud sync or by downloading the file from

Using MySQL

ProNouns supports MySQL to synchronise pronouns across multiple servers. You'll need to create a user and database for it (note this step may vary depending on your hosting provider, contact them if in doubt):

CREATE USER pronouns@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'a long, secure password';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON pronouns.* TO pronouns@localhost;

Then in the ProNouns config, add your user, database and password:

connection: 'mysql' # remember to set this!
  host: ''
  port: 3306
  database: 'pronouns'
  username: 'pronouns'
  password: 'your password here'

Moderation and admin commands

To allow a player to act as a moderator, grant the permission pronouns.admin. This will do the following:

  • Grants access to admin commands (setother, clearother, reload, cloud)
  • Player is notified when a player without the bypass permission tries to use a set blocked by the filter
  • Player is notified when an update becomes available

It's recommended to also grant pronouns.bypass to allow these players to bypass the filter in case of a false positive.